Acts 29

Since I recently blogged about our relationship with the Soma Family of Churches, I wanted to do the same with the Acts 29 Network. Acts 29 is an interdenominational network of churches who are committed to global church planting. I have been a part of Acts 29 churches for the last eight years and have found a theological and philosophical home there. Many of my deconstructed concepts and questions coming out of seminary were fleshed out and answered within these churches. Because Acts 29 is not a denomination with multiple administrative and governmental concerns, Acts 29 is free to be exclusively focused on church planting. The name Acts 29 is in reference to the 28 chapters of the book of Acts, which chronicles the spreading of the early church. Acts 29, therefore, is the symbolic next chapter of church planting history.

Partnership with Acts 29 requires a rigorous pastoral assessment by regional leadership, a financial commitment to church planting, and theological agreement with the five Acts 29 Distinctives:

  • Gospel centrality in all of life.
  • The sovereignty of God in saving sinners.
  • The work of the Holy Spirit in life and ministry.
  • The equality of male and female and the principle of male servant leadership.
  • The local church is God’s primary missional strategy.

Cara Jane and I went through the assessment process last fall and a Soma residency last year. We have been given the green light to plant through Acts 29 in Auburn, AL with the condition that we spend a year at Summit Crossing Community Church in Huntsville, AL. Summit Crossing acts as a hub for the Acts 29 Southeast region. We are so thankful and eager to be a part of this church that will adopt us as their own and help us launch Union Church.

Our small church, which right now only exists of my immediate family and the church planting prospectus on my computer, has already been financially supported by five churches, four of whom are a part of the Acts 29 family. Their commitment to church planting in general and Union Church in particular is incredibly encouraging to us, and we are already looking forward to the many daughter churches that will be planted through Union Church.

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