Financial Support Update

As of today, we are two weeks away from the due date for little Ellie Jane and three months away from moving to Alabama. Our house in Norman has been on the market for six days now and we have already shown it four times. These last few weeks have been incredibly hectic as we try to juggle these different priorities, but we’ve resolved to take things one day at a time. I’m honestly just really ready to meet Ellie and introduce her to Bo.

Because CJ could go into labor literally any day now, I have backed off of traveling and fundraising for the time being. However, a few weeks ago we were invited to speak at First Baptist Duncanville, my home church, to pitch the vision for Union Church and why we feel the Lord pulling us toward Auburn. It was great to be back home and see so many of the people who helped shape me in my teenage years. The vision of Union Church was well received. FBC Duncanville has not only been a spiritual encouragement to us but also a significant financial partner and we’re deeply thankful for them.

Last week, I was asked to speak at Alamo Ranch Community Church in San Antonio. Two of my best friends from Texas Tech helped plant this church several years ago. ARCC is very similar to Prov Road in age, size and season of church growth. They are also affiliated with Acts 29 and have a commitment to planting churches. They have adopted me as one of their church planters and have also committed to financially helping us. We are so thankful for these partner churches who have no direct relationship with Auburn but still are willing to spend their money investing in church planting there.

As it stands today, we are just under 50% of our total goal for next year. As always, if you wish to give toward our first year of church planting in Alabama, you can partner with us here.

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