Timelines and Fundraising

We are literally down to our last few weeks in Norman. This is what our remaining timeline looks like:

May 4 – Pack moving truck.

May 5 – Closing.

May 7 – Prov Road Baptism Service.

May 7 – Drive truck to Huntsville.

May 8 – Unload.

May 9,10 – Huntsville Church Planting Cohort # 2.

May 17 – Longview Fundraiser.

May 21 – Brister Send Off Sunday at Prov Road.

May 22 – Ellie’s 2-month pediatric appointment.

May 23 – Move to Alabama.

We are preparing ourselves for May to be an emotionally and logistically crazy month. We have a lot to do and not much time to do it in and we have to begin saying goodbye to our Norman family that we have done life with for the last 5 years. We’re excited about the future but we are not looking forward to this part.

In terms of fundraising, we have raised about 80% of what we need for our residency year in Huntsville. We need $10,000 to meet our goal. We have received gifts of thousands of dollars from Acts 29 partner churches and we have also received checks of $7 from college students – honestly we’re not sure which one means more…

If you want to financially invest in our church planting journey, please visit our Partner page to learn more.