Advent at Summit Crossing


In an effort to focus on giving rather than receiving this Christmas season, Summit Crossing (our church here in Huntsville) is raising money for different mission projects through their their annual Advent Giving campaign. Last week they hosted an Advent Market in which dozens of local artisans offered their work to be purchased as Christmas presents. A percentage of those profits will go toward building clean water wells in India through an organization called NeverThirst. This year, in addition to the international emphasis of the NeverThirst project, Summit Crossing has added local and regional missions options to give toward as well.

This year,  Union Church is being platformed as the regional option. As part of the roll out for the Advent Giving campaign, Summit Crossing recently posted an interview I did for their church blog in which I talk about the need for multi-cultural churches in the South and how college towns are strategic in advancing that goal.

Hope you enjoy reading this short article and will consider financially giving toward getting Union Church off the ground this Christmas season.